Renoise 1.9.1

pattern based music track/sequence & sample
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Renoise is a software music sequencer based upon the heritage and development of tracker software. A different approach to music making Renoise is rooted in a different approach to making music than most sequencers on the market today. This approach is known as tracking. Perhaps most characteristic of tracking is the sequencer having a vertical timeline. The trackers' bottom-up approach to creating music begs for a more straightforward and immediate access to notes and effects than a mouse can provide, hence the focus on the keyboard. Embracing modern techniques Instead of clinging on the past, we embrace modern development. ASIO, VST, FLAC and XML are a few recent technologies that are rapidly becoming indispensable. Community involvement The community has been involved in the development of Renoise since the very beginning. Many suggestions we received from forum members have been implemented. We improved what they considered being not good enough. The result is a powerful and reliable music production application tailored to our users.

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